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Do you have a Sweet Tooth?


11th September 2017

Many of us like a sweet indulgence now and again and often find ourselves propelled towards a café for a cuppa and a decadent cake or pastry whilst shopping or just simply for a treat. In the UK we have an abundance of cafes and bakeries to choose from however, Pâtisseries are fast becoming a feature to our high streets too.

In France or Belgium, a Pâtisserie can be found in most towns and villages and this is the place where pastries and sweets are produced as a speciality. The title of Pâtisserie may only legally be used there by bakeries that employ a licensed Master Pastry Chef or Maître Pâtissier who will have undertaken an apprenticeship and passed exams.

Of course, students wishing to become a Maître Pâtissier will have studied the science of the ingredients of pastry and baking. They will also have practised making a variety of baked goods, thoroughly exploring baking technology and the interaction of the flour, sugars and yeast. But patisserie isn’t just about pastry making and bread baking – it’s an art, mixed with a little bit of science, stirred with perfectionism and a sprinkling of patience!

Having studied the chemistry of sugar at various stages of the cooking and cooling processes, Maître Pâtissiers can make sugar confectioneries such as fruit pastes called pâte de fruit in an array of flavours, marshmallow, praliné, caramels with salted butter, nougats and chocolate caramels as well as lollipops.

Of course, chocolate is a key ingredient in all this. Knowing the principles of tempering and being able to hand-temper high-grade chocolate, made with extra cocoa butter known as couverture, to give a high gloss is also crucial. Ganache fillings, truffles and hand-dipped candies along with molded sweets will all be produced using these methods.

A Maître Pâtissier can produce Ice cream, sorbets, petits fours, miniature pastries, chocolate and sugar decorations and sculptures. They can embellish desserts using techniques to apply chocolate colors with a spray gun and produce flowers and ribbons. Indeed, they are very clever and skilled individuals with the patience of a saint!

Here at the Gascony Cookery School  we take great pleasure in teaching our students pastry, sugar work and dessert making skills. But that’s not all we do as we aim to bring out the cook in all our students by creating new and exciting savoury dishes too.

The Gascony Cookery School has a genuine and real insight into the world of French cuisine. All our courses have been carefully considered to ensure our students gain the most from them. Dave and Bernard’s years of experience mean you will learn the skills used by real chefs with the ability to apply them to your own kitchen at home. Not only that, it’s a real opportunity for everyone to get away from it all and emerge themselves in the French culture and way of life too.

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David, Vikki & Bernard

David, Vikki & Bernard


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