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Everything you Need to Discover the World of French Cuisine

It’s Spring and a wonderful busy and exciting time at the Gascony Cookery School as we kick off the new season with our Foundation Level 1 and 2 courses. So why don’t you discover the world of French Cuisine?

It really doesn’t matter what your level of skill is, it’s always our pleasure to meet new students and welcome back returning students too. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the art of French cooking or hone skills you’ve got already, there’s no better place to do it than the Gascony Cookery School. Add to that, Gascony’s gentle landscapes, its slow pace of life and of course, its great food and you have the perfect reason to visit us.

The Perfect Setting to Learn New Cooking Skills

Gascony is often described as the French version of Tuscany and The Gascony Cookery School is located in the ideal setting for anyone wishing to discover the delights of French cuisine. It really is an opportunity for students to get away from it all and emerge themselves in the French culture and way of life. Surrounded by rolling hills and peace and quiet, Gascony must be one of the most perfect locations in Europe.


Gascogne Gastronomic Delights

Gascony is noted for its poultry, including some of the best free-range poultry in France. Indeed, the cuisine of Gascony has often been described as one of the pillars of French food and one of the richest gastronomies in France. Duck foie gras, duck confit and Garbure (a thick French soup or stew) being just a few of the region’s delicacies. In addition, it’s renowned for its production of Armagnac, a distinctive local brandy along with fabulous wines. Plus, it’s thanks to an increase in wine making in the district that it produces almost as much wine as Alsace – these include Côtes-de-Gascogne, Madiran, or Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh.

A Warm Welcome Awaits

The Gascony Cookery School offers a genuine insight into the world of French cuisine. Our style is hands on, and you will be completely absorbed into our lifestyle, culture and the food of the Gascony region. All our courses have been carefully considered to ensure our students gain the most from them.

Many of the bedrooms have views over the countryside, as well as access to our three different terraces where you can make yourself at home and relax. Your first evening will involve a four-course meal made by chefs David and Bernard as you settle in and meet the other guests. You will also discuss together what you will cover in the next few days.

Bernard and David, through their combined tutelage over many years, have turned students of all ages, nationalities and cooking abilities into confident, competent chefs of French cuisine. If you’d like to become one of their students and learn the same skills, take a look at the courses we have this season by clicking here – we’d love to see you. If you just want to ask a question, email us on , we’d be pleased to help.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2019!

David, Vikki & Bernard

David, Vikki & Bernard

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