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Fashionable Food Trends


21st August 2018

It’s all about vegetarian and vegan food today – well at least that what it seems! There’s been a dramatic rise in interest and popularity so far this year and there are other trends which are emerging as the year progresses.

From gut friendly food to adding a 4th meal to your day there are several trends which you may or may not want to partake of! So here they are:

Non-alcoholic drinks

Availability of cocktails advertised as ‘mocktails’ or non-alcoholic beers are on the increase. This is a great alternative for those who have to drive but still wish to share in the appeal and style of the alcoholic version! The food and drink industry are noticing a that those that are health conscious are drinking much less alcohol so premium soft drinks, tonic waters and juices are being introduced to the market all the time.


This probably is another reflection of the trend above and is great news for tea lovers – tea is becoming the new coffee! Herbal and Green tea are particularly popular, as are fruit varieties.

Gut Friendly food

Foods like Jerusalem Artichokes which have a high insulin content, bananas, polenta, broccoli, kale, cabbage, blueberries, beans and fermented plant-based foods such as tempeh and miso all help to overcome the unhealthy bacteria in our guts and are classed as probiotics. These help to balance the bacteria which is naturally found in your gut and help protect you from harmful bacteria or fungi. Today’s trend for a healthier lifestyle is also driving this trend.

Hawaiian Food

The word Poke pronounced ‘poke-ay’, comes from how it is prepared. In Hawaiian Poke means to slice or cut and The Poke Bowl is the national dish there. It was apparently developed by fishermen from the waste cuts of their daily catch. Today, influence from Japanese and Asian cuisine reflects the diversity of Hawaii. In the UK the demand for Poke Bowls has seen them appearing on restaurant menus in the larger cities of London, Manchester and Leeds. The ingredients are similar to sushi, but a homemade Poke Bowl could include avocado, sesame seeds, wasabi, cucumber, green onions and edamame beans.

South American cuisine

Poke Bowl Gascony Cookery School blog Fashionable Food Trend

Mexican, Peruvian and Brazilian food along with Japanese-Mexican fusion are becoming very popular. Sales of key ingredients such as quinoa, purple potatoes, white and purple corn, kiwicha and chia seeds are on the increase too.

Home Delivery of Meal Kits

This is a great step in the right direction for someone who wants a homecooked meal but who doesn’t have a great deal of time. Providers of this service publish weekly menus from which you can select the meals of your choice. The fresh ingredients weighed out to the exact requirement of the dish, plus a recipe card is then delivered. All you have to do is follow the recipe and cook it – no shopping or weighing involved!

4th Meal of the Day

Again, this trend is probably borne out of a busy lifestyle. The tradition of having breakfast lunch and dinner appears to be waning as there is evidence that a 4th meal is being squeezed into the day. If you’re going to the gym you may need to have an energy-boosting salad bowl before you go or if you’ve had an early dinner you may need a snack before bed. It’s all about small but healthy meals to copy with a hectic lifestyle.

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David, Vikki & Bernard

David, Vikki & Bernard

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