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Fond Memories and a Desire to Return


15th January 2015

I had the good fortune to attend the Gascony Cookery School, with my friend Julie, last spring the experience will stay with me for a long time. Our adventure began with the scenic drive through the countryside from Toulouse. Gerard, our driver, spoke a little English, and we spoke even less French, but we managed to understand his commentary. As we made the final approach to Gramont, set high on a hill, Gerard stopped the car so we could take in the commanding view.

After being greeted by our hosts, David and Vikki, it was time for the first aperitif sitting on the patio with the countryside spread below us. This was followed by dinner prepared by David that gave us an indication of the type of food we would be learning to prepare.

After breakfast the following morning, it was time to don our aprons and begin our first session in the kitchen, the instruction is all very “hands on”. For me, one of the highlights of the experience was the visit to the market, armed with a list, basket and a purse of euro, we each had to purchase ingredients we would use over the course of the week. Fortunately pointing and very basic French are all that is required to complete the transaction!

Robin Smith in Gramont

Robin Smith enjoying the Gascony Cookery School experience

The cookery school was a lovely balance of acquiring and honing skills, fun times around the table will our fellow students and the excursions to local places of interest. Julie and I often reminisce about what a wonderful experience we had, I would return in a heartbeat if it wasn’t quite such a long trip from home.

Robin Smith x

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