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4 Day French Cookery Course


4 days

Suitable for

Beginners / Moderate

Non-cooking guest




Course Details

This course is ideal for beginners through to experienced cooks. In the 4 day cookery course you will receive an introduction to French cuisine that will hone your cooking skills and give you several exciting dishes and desserts to wow your dinner guests with.

During this course you will cover;

  • Knife skills
  • Pastry
  • Fish filleting
  • Foie gras
  • Cassoulet
  • Desserts
  • Sauces

Booking / Availability

Please fill in the form below to book a place on the 4 Day Cookery Course. Once we receive your booking will send a confirmation and request a deposit payment of £200 per/p to secure your place. Final payment will be required 28 days before your arrival date.

Our full terms and conditions are available here.


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More details on accommodation available here.

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Once you have been shown to your unique room, you are encouraged to make yourself at home, start to relax and live the Gascon way and enjoy the surroundings of our historic village Gramont which is home to only one of six national monuments in the Midi-Pyrénées, the Château de Gramont.

As the evening arrives you are invite to join us for local aperitifs and hors d’oeuvres on the Cookery Schools terraces that looks out to the Midi Pyrenees with unrivalled views of the Gascony countryside. This is a great time to meet other students and guests and for us to discuss the week ahead.

With the aroma of your first night’s exquisite four course dinner prepared by your Chef David in the air and your taste buds experiencing local wines, your French cookery holiday is well and truly underway.

After dinner take the opportunity to relax on one of our three terraces, experience one of the stunning Gascony sunsets and soak in the atmosphere of our very unique location and Gascony lifestyle.



To make the most of your time at the Gascony Cookery School we like to serve breakfast for 8.30am which consists of a traditional French affair of local breads, croissants from the local village of St Clar and homemade preserves. There are also cereals, yoghurts, fruit and a good helping of coffee, tea and orange juice available.

Following breakfast it’s straight into the kitchen of Chef David who will conduct a short tour of the kitchen and an introduction to basic knife skills. Once your knife skills are honed it’s onto preparing a simple, French dressing and sauce suzette before beginning work on your pastry skills by preparing a Gateau Pithivers, an ornately decorated puff pastry dessert with a delicious crème d’armandes at it’s centre.

With your first successfully completed French dessert of the week completed, you will then be given the opportunity to hone those skills even further by replicating Chef David’s famous pizza gersois; a freshly made pizza base topped with local onions, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and thinly sliced duck breast.

Your first morning will conclude with further patisserie practice as you prepare a pâte sucrée, a form of sweetened pastry, which will provide the base for the Tarte Aux Pommes that you will make on Tuesday afternoon.


Following a traditionally long French lunch you will make your way across the road to the Auberge where Chef Bernard will introduce you to the art of preparing Foie Gras. You will prepare four different types of foie gras –mi-cuit, traditional, cru and pain d’épices before turning your attention to another quintessentially Gascon dish; cassoulet. Bernard will share with you his tried and tested wisdom as to the best way in which to prepare his restaurant’s most popular dish before giving you a tour of his sixty five cover restaurant.

You will see and experience the difference between Bernard’s kitchen and David’s and the opportunity to compare these very different cooking environments and the difference in cooking for an intimate number of guests and catering on a more commercial scale.

Your next task with Bernard will be to make crêpes for the evening dinner and your sauce suzette prepared at the beginning of the day will be finishing ingredient to this traditional French classic. As the first day comes to a close you will return to Chef David’s kitchen to complete two final pastries; Pâte Sablée and Pâte Sucrée.


You will be invited to take a tour of the wine museum with wine in hand at Bernard’s restaurant and experience his signature menu gourmand: an haute cuisine experience in traditional Gascon manner that will include the three different types of duck foie gras that you prepared earlier… Bon appetit.



Breakfast will be at 9.00am because today you are off to market. With shopping baskets and shopping lists in hand we will make our way to the local market town of Fleurance. Here you will be able to familiarise yourself with the regional produce and select the fresh ingredients that you will be using in the afternoon class and during your time with us.

Fleurance’s market is a host to an array of tasty Gascon treats that are sure to whet your appetite. You will then continue on to the nearby Roman town of Lectoure where you will lunch in a local café before returning to the cookery school for the afternoon cooking class.


Chef David will begin by instructing you in the correct way to fillet a fish before preparing the perfect veloute sauce as an accompaniment. You will then be given another opportunity to practice your pastry and knife skills by creating a beautifully presented Tarte aux Pommes.


Before dinner you will be invited back into the kitchen with Chef David to focus on plating and general presentation skills. The fish in velouté sauce and Tarte Aux Pommes that you prepared earlier will be the centre piece of the evening’s menu, giving you the chance to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Breakfast will be served as usual, until 10am and we ask you to kindly vacate your room before 11am.

À bientôt!

*Non cooking guests can participate in lunch, dinner and all excursions. Cooking tuition is excluded though.

Cooking Courses in France

Select one of our four cooking classes that are tailored to introduce you to French Cookery & cuisine of the Gascony region. Each course price includes your accommodation, food, wine & all excursions.

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