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Location, Gascony in France

Located in the beautifully historical quaint village of Gramont in the heart of Gascony, South West France, the Gascony Cookery School is a Cooking Holiday in France with a difference.

Located in the beautifully historical quaint village of Gramont in the heart of Gascony, South West France, the Gascony Cookery School is a Cooking Holiday in France with a difference.

Getting to the Gascony Cookery School:

Flying to Gascon Cookery
Airport Destination Airlines Miles away Time by car
Stansted Bergerac Ryanair 65 1hr 20mins
Stansted Carcassonne Ryanair 70 1hr 30mins
Luton Bordeaux Easyjet 90 1hr 50mins
Gatwick Toulouse Easyjet and British Airways 40 50mins
Birmingham Bordeaux BMI 90 1hr 50mins
Manchester Bordeaux BMI 90 1hr 50mins
Bristol Toulouse Easyjet 40 50mins
Train to Gascon Cookery

Eurostar from St Pancras to Paris, change for Agen.

Driving to Gascon Cookery

Calais to Gramont, 610 miles.

Get directions

Transfers are available from Toulouse airport & Agen train station at €70 each way per car.

Please note, All times quoted are approximate.

Gascony in the Gers, in the south west of France

Gascony still remains one of the most “French” parts of France. It is largely unspoilt by tourism and retains a great deal of character and charm. Property prices, like everywhere, have increased recently, but the region still remains comparatively excellent value for people seeking a permanent residence or holiday home.


Gascony is the ancient name of a former duchy in South West France. Steeped in history these lands were ruled by the Romans, conquered by the Visigoths and then by the Francs. By the end of the 10th century, its dukes had achieved autonomy from the French crown but in 1052 Gascony fell to Aquitaine and came under English control in the 12th century. It was the nucleus of English possessions in France until regained by the French at the end of the Hundred Years War (1453). The departement of the Gers is the heart of Gascony, so often described as the Tuscany of France. It is a region of gently rolling hills, hilltop bastide towns & villages, an abundance of rivers and wide-open spaces.

Gascony today

Gascony is a land of rich and fertile soils which has historically elevated its produce and cuisine to the top of the French culinary table. Gascony is still very much a farming region, a land of wheat, maize and sunflower fields and fabulous wines that are so often overlooked outside of France. Armagnac is the oldest of the French eau de vies and is still made by individual producers who care more for their product than the profits of a multinational business. Gascony is famed for its garlic and is the true home of foie gras, the region is a gastronomic delight.

The Gers is one of the least densely populated departements in France. There is no heavy industry or autoroutes. It has some of the cleanest air in all of Europe. It is therefore no surprise that Gascons live longer than any other people in France. Auch is the capital (prefecture) of the Gers and its largest town with around 20,000 inhabitants.The impressive cathedral of St-Marie holds two of the regions finest art works, the Arnaud de Moles stained glass windows and the 113 carved oak choir stalls. Auch is a vibrant centre of commerce and has numerous good cafes and restaurants.

Condom in the north of the Gers is a sous-prefecture and capital of the Tenareze Armagnac region. It is a beautiful town centred around the Cathedral of St-Pierre and although its name is often a source of amusement to English speakers it is believed to be derived from two Latin words “condate” and “dum”, meaning confluence and hill respectively.

To the east of Condom are Lectoure and Fleurance. Lectoure is a spectacular town perched on a high rock escarpment with wonderful views stretching all the way to the Pyrenees. It has been an important centre since Gallo-Roman times and was the main residence of the Counts of Armagnac.

Fleurance is a bastide town and an important market town with one of the best markets in the Gers.

In the south of the departement the main towns are Mirande and Marciac. Mirande is a fine example of a 13th Century bastide and now holds an internationally famous country and western festival each year. Marciac is well-known for its world famous jazz festival. Ouside of the August festival it is an attractive quiet bastide town with some good cafes and restaurants.

The main town in the west of the region is Eauze, the capital of the Armagnac trade. This old Roman settlement is surrounded by vineyards and remains very much central to the Armagnac trade.

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