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Gascony South West France


26th January 2015

If there is one part of France that is still pure and undiscovered, it is definitely Gascony. Time seems to have stood in perfect tranquility in this astonishingly green scenery, with the best-preserved medieval properties and castles. Its beauty, lush geography, delectable cuisine, historic attractions and the thrill of having a wonderful calm vacation, is inexplicable.  With its rolling, undulating land that is blessed with southern sun and Atlantic freshness, it very easy to say that it is the most exquisitely stunning, rustic and satisfying part of France.

Having found this area of Gascony in the South West of France over fifteen years a go I still love every day I spend here. When I decided to establish the Gascony Cookery School in the little village of Gramont I knew it would be an experience that guests would never forget. The food is exquisite and the courses we offer are based on the food of the region but I knew just experiencing this part of France would warm the hearts of many a guest.

A view of Gascony

You may know our region as the Gers

French authorities restructured their regional boundaries and Gascony became identified as the Gers, governed from the city of Auch in 1761. Nonetheless, its locals are still proud to call themselves Gascons and will give you a warm welcome to their beloved corner of France. The region stretches from the northern foothills of the Pyrenees, west through the Basque Country and down to the France-Spain border and eastward towards Toulouse and the Garonne River.

Ever since the Middle Ages, Gascony has seen a rich history with many variance, not least between the English and French. The result of this diversity can seen reflected in the local architecture and culture. The beauty of Gascony is not known to a lot of people, unfortunately. The reason for the delightful lack of tourists and traffic can only be that the region is so far west and too far-flung for Italians, north Europeans and even Parisians. Gascony is not the usual tourist destination and it means that our little corner of France remains unspoilt and the preserve of the more adventurous tourist, usually on the hunt for great food and wine. Today the English and the French combine forces in the Gascony Cookery School in Gramont, it’s the ideal mix that offers our cookery students two great Chefs of French cuisine in one small place.

Market in Gascony

There are numerous restaurants that are often filled with locals during meal times. They offer a wide variety of Gascon food like duck in various recipes, and foie gras at low cost. There are also restaurants that have a more sophisticated menu for a classy dinner. Gascony has so much to offer and I will never tire of the food, the wine, the countryside and the people that are my fellow Gascons, yes I like to call myself a Gascon too.

Truly, Gascony is well worth a visit for a relaxing holiday, with an abundance of opportunity to enjoy a lot of adventures, you will have the time of your life in Gascony, I know because I live the Gascon life.

Chef David of the Gascony Cookery School.

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