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Thank you for visiting the Gascony Cookery School News Page. Here you will find all the news and latest information that relates to the cookery school in France, and the things that we find interesting and worth sharing with you.

A Week in Gramont – Cooking Gascony Style

Take 2 Australian sisters on a 6 week tour of France, 2 sisters from the U.K., 1 single female professional, (who’s done the Leith Diploma course) and a keen food blogger in need of a break, and you have a recipe for one hell of an adventure in cuisine. Gerard was waiting for us at Toulouse […]


28th January 2015
A view of Gascony

Gascony South West France

If there is one part of France that is still pure and undiscovered, it is definitely Gascony. Time seems to have stood in perfect tranquility in this astonishingly green scenery, with the best-preserved medieval properties and castles. Its beauty, lush geography, delectable cuisine, historic attractions and the thrill of having a wonderful calm vacation, is […]


26th January 2015
Robin Smith in Gramont

Fond Memories and a Desire to Return

I had the good fortune to attend the Gascony Cookery School, with my friend Julie, last spring the experience will stay with me for a long time. Our adventure began with the scenic drive through the countryside from Toulouse. Gerard, our driver, spoke a little English, and we spoke even less French, but we managed to […]


15th January 2015

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