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The Start of our new Season at the Gascony Cookery School


19th April 2016

A fabulous start to the new season! A great group of guests joined us this week, they totally immersed themselves into cooking and Gramont village life.

All mGascony2embers of the group were extremely proud of their Gateaux Pitithiers and didn’t mind one bit sharing it with our wonderful neighbours, Gerard and Janine. In fact, our French Canadian guest delivered it to them personally just as it came out of the oven – they were very happy Gramontois!

 The students had a great market trip and everyone managed to purchase all the ingredients on their lists and as usual was followed by a tasty lunch in the most atmospheric cafe in Lectoure.

Alas, the time went too quickly and it was time to say goodbye. However; one of our guests re-booked immediately to join our Advanced Course in August – looking forward to welcoming Paul back.Gascony cafe

We awoke Saturday morning after a busy week of cookery school wondering if  we should have agreed to participate with the village in preparing the vines for  our neighbours, Bernard and Chantail.
Scrambling around to find gloves,  secateurs, a warm jacket and waterproof boots, we arrived at the vineyard at 0930hrs as agreed. A quick cup of coffee and cakes sur place and we began to work. Bernard and Chantail gave us instructions and we took up our places in the rows we were allocated.

It was great to be outside and to meet up with fellow Gramontois after the winter. We all worked together steadily through the next couple of hours until the vines were clean and ready for the new season – what a difference!

Of course, there is always a treat at the end of any group activity here and this time was no exception. We returned to the village, the barbecue was lit and we all sat outside in the main street. We began with aperitifs, followed by a barbecue of Toulouse and Merguez sausages, a wedge of cheese and a sweet dessert all washed down with copious amounts of wine – naturally!! To finish the meal a digestive of 1976 Armagnac passed around the group. We left the group sometime between 3 and 5pm, we think???

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David, Vikki & Bernard

Dave, Vikki & Bernard xxx

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