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Table Tips


13th November 2018

The Invite is sent, the menu is settled, and the day is upon you!

Sounds like everything’s organised but what about the table?


This is where you can get creative by crafting a beautiful backdrop for your delicious dinner or lavish lunch. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Colour Palette

Be it silver and sparkles or bold and bright, whatever you choose will help to create a fabulous setting. Though don’t be fooled into matching absolutely everything in your chosen colour scheme as this will be too much. Napkins, place cards, a floral or candle centrepiece in the colours you’ve selected will be perfect.


Gascony Cookery School - Table tips blog

Cutlery Customs


If you have traditional taste, it’s likely you’ll be setting the table with a matching set. But it’s becoming more popular to use mis-matched cutlery and tableware. Easily found in charity shops or markets, you can have a field day finding various styles, patterns and designs.

Whatever you use, your guests will need a large and small knife, fork and spoon, particularly if you’re having 3 courses. It’s customary to lay knives and soup spoons on the right with forks on the left side in the order in which they are to used starting from the outside.


Sitting Pretty


One to six guests are fairly easy to seat.  But if you’re having a few people round you might want to consider a table plan to make sure the dynamics work! Couples probably prefer to be seated together or opposite each other and you definitely need to make sure you’re able to get to the kitchen easily!


Ambience, Sophistication or both?


As mentioned earlier a centrepiece can really bring the table together, particularly if it complements the colour theme you’ve chosen. Candles provide some height as well as ambience and flowers add a touch of sophistication. Using both is a great combination.


Gascony Cookery School Table Tips blog


The Perfect Host


Get your table laid in good time so you can enjoy the occasion from the start. Starters that can be prepared ahead means you can stay with your guests for longer before serving.

We can give you more than just table tips, we’ve got loads to share with you. So, if you’re interested in an unforgettable Cooking Holiday in France next year head to our site to find out more.

David, Vikki & Bernard


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