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Top Restaurants in the World


25th August 2017

It would appear, that French officials have found a way to establish which restaurants in the world are the best and this is compiled in La Liste which was first released in 2016. It’s run by the former French Foreign Minister and current Deputy Chairman of the French Tourism Promotion Board Philippe Faure along with a team of journalists, food critics, and publishers and sponsored by a few well known French brands.

According to its website ‘La Liste is an algorithm-based aggregator of food guides and reviews, crafting the perfect ranking of the world’s best restaurants’.

It has five stages within the process of ranking:


They use the reviews of more than 300 trusted sources such as Tripadvisor, the Michelin Guide and Google and this is put onto a huge database.


The score of each review is converted into a ‘standard grade’ which ranges from 0-100.

Guide Grading

Opinions from many thousands of Chefs are obtained about local guidebooks. Then the results of this survey are given a ranking for trustworthiness which ranges from 0-10.


The average of all the review scores from the standardisation process are then balanced out by the source’s trustworthiness index.

Customer Reviews

The last stage involves the integration of customer reviews from online sources and this, according to the website, gives them ‘a 25% weighting in the final La Liste score’.

All the restaurants on the database are then ranked based on their La Liste Score. December 2016 saw the first glittering ceremony to honour the world’s best chefs. You will be interested to note that France has 26 restaurants in the top 100 closely followed by Japan with 23.

Top of La Liste for 2017 is Guy Savoy in Paris. With average prices for A la Carte around € 250 excluding drinks and a set menu ‘Colours, Textures and Flavours’ at € 395 excluding drinks, it has 6 different stunning dining rooms in which to dine.

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David, Vikki and Bernard

David, Vikki & Bernard

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