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Top Tips to Maintain an Efficient Kitchen at Home


19th April 2018

Life is so busy and anywhere we can cut corners we will. However, doing this in the kitchen can be difficult if you like home cooked food with fresh ingredients. So, we’ve come up with some ideas to help you save time but still cook wholesome and nutritious dishes.

Gascony Cookery School - top tips for maintaining an efficient kitchen

Top tips:

  • Get a Good Quality Knife – pay a little extra it’ll be worth it. Using it to learn some basic knife skills such as chopping, will also help.
  • Make sure you cook everything in the correct order depending on their cooking times. A list may be useful here.
  • Prepare your vegetables well in advance and store them – then you can tap into them whenever you want.
  • Prepare your Kitchen – things like boiling a kettle so you have hot water to hand, making sure your rubbish bin is empty and having all utensils to hand will save time. Most important though is to make sure you’ve got all the ingredients you need for your recipe!
  • Use ingredients that are in season they will be easier to find and are usually better value.
  • Just stick to cooking and you will be more productive, reduce the risk of mistakes and even prevent an accident from happening. Multitasking will only slow you down.
  • Have a meal plan for the week. This will save so much time and means you will only select dishes for which you already have the ingredients or only buy those that you need too. Not only will it be quicker but it will take the pressure off having to decide what to eat on a daily basis!
  • If you want to improve your cooking skills then keep practicing and pushing yourself to learn new ways to cook quicker and better. The more time you spend in the kitchen practising means you’ll eventually spend less time in there.

Which leads us to our last tip which we just have to put in!

  • Join us on a cookery course – we know you’ll learn so much from us at the Gascony Cookery School and take it all home to put into practise there.  It’s not just about new recipes it’s about being immersed into the kitchen learning new skills and techniques.

Our new season of courses starts next week – click here to take a look at all our courses we’d love you to join us on one of them.

David, Vikki & Bernard

David, Vikki & Bernard

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