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A Trustworthy Source of Gastronomique Know How


8th March 2018

If you love cooking and are interested in finding out more about different culinary techniques then the Larousse Gastronomique is the book for you.

It’s most definitely one of the world’s largest classic culinary reference books available from bookstores, practically the ‘Holy Grail’ of cookery books. In fact, just in the UK alone it has sold over 35,000 copies and its comprehensive collection of recipes and trustworthy guidance is what appeals to those that have invested in its purchase.

Containing over 900 colour and black and white photographs, every chapter has been reviewed by field specialists and there are numerous biographies of chefs. To make it easy to find what you’re looking for, the entries have been grouped according to relevance, ingredient or concept and organised alphabetically.

Larousse Gastronomique was originally created by Prosper Montagne, author of many books and articles on food, cooking, and gastronomy. Said to be an individual to have had a huge impact on French Gastronomy and the world beyond, Montagne was one of the greatest French Chefs of all time.

Its contents are definitely orientated towards classic French cooking techniques and includes recipes from many famous French chefs which makes it all the more exciting when you are able to produce the same dish. By selecting one topic or ingredient you will find a complete array of both sweet and savoury recipes covering it. These recipes are sometimes a list of ingredients without quantity or a without a cooking temperature so it’s definitely more a dictionary of cooking to find hints, tips and advice as opposed to a cookery book of detailed and exact recipes.

This beautiful book is recommended for anyone who is interested in good food, culinary techniques or just cooking in general. It is so beautifully presented and timeless – it’s a must have in any kitchen (if you’ve room for its girth!).

Here at the Gascony Cookery School we have our own font of all French culinary knowledge in the guises of Bernard and David. Through their combined tutelage over many years, they have turned students of all ages, nationalities and cooking abilities into confident, competent chefs of French cuisine. If you’d like to become one of their students and learn the same skills, take a look at the courses we have starting from April by clicking here – we’d love to see you.

David, Vikki & Bernard

David, Vikki & Bernard

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