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What type of cook are you?


20th February 2020

Do you find cooking a chore? Or do you run into the kitchen every day relishing the chance of whipping up a gourmet three course meal? If you’re reading this, the chances are you love cooking, but did you know, there are several types of cooks so read on to find out more….

Gascony Cookery School what type of chef are you?

Nutritional Gatekeeper

The term ‘Nutritional Gatekeeper’ was first used in the US during World War II when the quantity of meat sent to the troops abroad limited the amount available at home. Advice was issued to educate families about protein replacements, but it was not clear who to direct this campaign to. It was initially believed that it was the husband and children who had the biggest say when it came to their food, but it was discovered that it was the wives and mothers who had far more influence.

The nutritional gatekeeper buys and prepares the food so if they have unhealthy eating habits, these are passed on to the rest of the family. Conversely, if they provide nutritionally balanced home cooked meals, they can improve the health of the whole family.

Research has shown that there are 5 categories of family cooks which has been based on their personalities, methods and preferred ingredients:

The Giving Cook

This type of cook is probably reminiscent of your Mum who would fill your plate with comfort food such as home cooked pies, stews and calorie laden desserts. A lot of giving cooks believe they are the healthiest, but this is often not the case.

The Methodical Cook

Gascony Cookery School What type of cook are you?

Do you rely on a recipe book? Then you are probably a methodical cook rather than throwing a few ingredients together and see what appears!

The Competitive Cook

This the ‘dinner party every night’ cook who has to provide the most impressive fare for his/her family regardless of ingredients and nutritional value.

The Healthy Cook

Taste is often the sacrifice when it comes to this type of cook. The ingredients have to be the healthiest and freshest, often including fish but the finishing touches that give us the ‘yum’ factor are missing.

The Innovative Cook

Experimenting with different ingredients, cuisines and methods best describes this personality. This is often the healthier type of cooking with a huge emphasis on flavours and the best personality to provide your evening meal!

So, which one are you? If you would like to fall into the ‘innovative’ category, why not visit us at the Gascony Cookery School? Whatever your cooking ‘personality’, we will give you the opportunity to discover a new type of cuisine incorporating fresh, healthy ingredients and teach you skills that you can bring to your own table.

Our courses for this season can be found here so why not give us a try, we look forward to seeing you…

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